Dutch National Championships 2020

Written by Jeff Landi

After 6 months of quarantine, the Dutch National Championships were held at their Olympic training facility this past weekend in the Hague. We’re living in a new age as the event was held with no audience due to COVID19, nonetheless it was great to get one on the books. Organized by the Skateboard Federation Netherlands, this video recap from Flatspot Mag is glorious on all levels. Congrats to Roos Zwetsloot and Douwe Macaré on the wins and to everyone involved. Let’s keep in rolling. Enjoy!!


  1. Roos Zwetsloot
  2. Candy Jacobs
  3. Keet Oldenbeuving


  1. Douwe Macaré
  2. Rob Maatman
  3. Bart Buikman