Fundamentals of Skateboard Judging E-Learning Series

World Skate Skateboarding and the World Skate Academy debut the first of 5 e-learning episodes which will offer a pathway for anyone wishing to join the World Skate International Judging Certification Program.

Each webisode will cover a different facet of skateboard contest judging with deep-dives into underlying rationale and best practice, codes of conduct, score computation and much, much more besides.

All of the subsequent episode released throughout March will be accompanied by a blog post here which will further detail the specific subject matter or skate discipline to which each new episode pertains.

Episode 1 will begin by looking at skateboarding in the Olympic era with particular regards to the opportunities and challenges presented by sport status on structures and organisation.

With a lookback through the history of competitive skateboarding for context, we will unpack and examine current World Skate Judging Development programmes, evaluation initiatives, and explain the purpose and function of the Skateboard Judging Database. Upcoming episodes will develop on from this groundwork basis to look at technical and theoretical challenges as well as how the disciplines of Park, Street and Vert vary in terms of formats and approach.

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