Become a Representative and have your say on what we do, and how!

As a governing body the best we can do is to accurately represent and implement the changes that our fellow skateboarders would like to see as part of our entire culture and experience.

Now: with the best intentions in the world we cannot be all things to all people, but nonetheless we respect and understand that our first responsibility is to the skateboarders who invest their faith in us that they can and will continue to receive the best experience of being in our care that we can offer.

To that end, World Skate are once again canvassing for candidates to become Athlete Representatives from within our active skateboarding contest community to join with other righteous individuals in shaping how we as a skateboarding organisation roll with you into this new era for all of us.

What influence would you have on best practice for the future of World Skate skateboard events?

Well, Athlete Representatives report to an Athlete Commission with both suggestions and concerns expressed by our skateboarding community in order to make your time better in our company.

Do we need different food options? Would you like to shoot social content with us while you are competing? Do we need to look at current ledge waxing rules? Can we offer visiting skateboarders a richer experience, from your perspective? If so, how?

Moreover, the Athlete Commission also appoints two of its own members in other WS commissions, such as the Judging Commission, thereby creating a direct connection between our competing skateboarders themselves and those tasked with both drawing up and implementing fair and agreed judging criteria for contests.

So… the dry info is as follows:

Each of the 2 Olympic disciplines are invited to provide 4 Representatives each (2 Men and 2 Women), totalling 8 and meaning that there are ample avenues and opportunities for suggestions and opinions to be heard. 

Any skateboarder over the age of 18 who has competed in a World Skate Skateboarding's World Championships over the last four years, or will compete in the upcoming RDJ World Champs, is welcome to apply- but only one Representative per country will be elected in order to democratise the global representation.

Voting amongst attendees begins at the start of our double- header World Championship contest in Rio De Janeiro.

  • 2nd of October /9th of October 2022 - Park Skateboarding World Championships - Rio De Janeiro
  • 9th of October/16th of October - Street Skateboarding World Championships - Rio De Janeiro

These Athlete Commission appointments are just one step in our commitment to ensuring World Skate is the most accessible, listening and transparent skateboarding governing body we can possibly be in order to best represent the interests of the skateboarders who put their faith in us.

Find out how to register your application- or nominate another skateboarder from our community who might be too shy to do it for themselves here.

Deadline for nominations: 19th August 2022