Bryce Wettstein "Aimless"

Written by Jeff Landi

Currently ranked 8th in the Olympic World Skateboarding Rankings for Women’s Park, Bryce Wettstein brings a serious dose of positivity and creativity to the Olympic skateboarding world. From drawing, to music, to surfing, and skateboarding, she adds a little something different to everything she does. This day in the life captures in perfectly. From ripping her backyard vert ramp, skating with the neighborhood kids, and jamming on her ukulele…good vibes abound. Check out her ‘Aimless’ from the good people over at Dew Tour below and get a peak into Bryce’s life down in sunny southern California. 

bryce wettstein fs ollie aimless ortiz 110 16x9

Fs Ollie at Poods in Encinitas, CA Photo: Chris Ortiz 

bryce wettstein feeble aimless ortiz 023 16x9

 Feeble fakie on her beatiful backyard vert ramp. Photo: Chris Ortiz