The Costa Verde Pan-American Complex in Lima, Peru

Written by Rodolfo Sánchez

The skatepark at the Costa Verde Pan-American Complex in Lima is located a few meters from the sea, in the San Miguel district, it’s an idyllic setting for a skate park and a 5-star World Skate event. Within the complex there are also sports venues for Roller Freestyle, BMX Race, BMX Freestyle, Speed ​​Skating and Beach Volleyball. 

Scheduled to host the World Skate Open of street and park, one of the qualifier events on the road to Tokyo 2020, World Skate saw the event as a chance for improving the skatepark and delivering a world class experience for competitors coming to Lima from every corner of the globe.

To accomplish this goal California Skateparks was hired and originally began upgrades to get the park ready for Olympic Qualification events in February 2020. However, this was right before the pandemic hit and aggressive measures dictated by most governments around the world, designed to mitigate the pandemic caused by Covid-19, forced organizers to suspend the event.

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It also forced upgrades being done to get the park ready to host a 5-star World Skate event to come to a complete halt.

With the Peruvian government having made a necessary decision to “close the borders”, from one moment to another, the ability to finish work on the park became uncertain. The construction team from California Skateparks boasted an international cast and with everyone returning home to their countries, with no fixed return date, the future looked uncertain. Work was paralyzed with no clear restart date. What was planned to be a short work stoppage turned in to a long nine months of waiting. 

 “It took some time, due to the pandemic, but we finally have a high level skatepark that we are confident is going to be appreciated by top skaters from all over the world. Here in Lima, we are working beyond a single event: we wanted to build a spot that could be a place-to-skate long after the Lima Open.” Says World Skate President Sabatino Aracu.

The entire project took a substantial investment 200k plus investment and more time than anyone could have expected, but the results do not disappoint. And while a new date for the Lima World Skate Open as not yet been set, the event legacy is already there: The Costa Verde skatepark provides a new, fresh and up-to-date experience, in a setting set to receive the best athletes in the world. 

National athletes are already enjoying training in the renovated skatepark. In December of 2020, roughly 9 months from when construction initially stopped, the 2020 Peruvian National Skateboard Competition were held. Featuring both Street and Park, everyone showed a high level and great satisfaction for the use of the new obstacles in the skatepark.

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