Skateboard Facilities Certification

As World Skate moves forward following the Olympic Games in Tokyo, it is our duty as an International Federation to continue growing skateboarding in a way that contributes to its already rich history. While anticipating the impact the Olympic Games will have on the construction of new skateboard facilities, the need to make sure skateparks are being built to the highest standard has never been more important. With this goal in mind, we’re proud to announce our new Skateboard Facilities Certification rules.

Being run through the World Skate Facilities Department, our new certification process can be used globally to ensure consistent quality while aligning with the needs of the current state of competitive skateboarding. By framing and channeling the momentum from the Olympic Games, each facility will be uniquely designed and built with the idea that these areas will act as canvases for personal expression. Far more than just a place for sport and exercise, these skateboard facilities are ultimately encouraging recreation and socialization among the participating communities and will offer insight on how NGB’s can shape their domestic programs. 

This document intends to apply a set of principles for guiding organizations in the creation of a facility that’s up to the Olympic standard and a certification process that allows for the possibility of hosting World Skate sanctioned events. By defining the technical features of multi-purpose skateboard facilities, both at a recreational and competition level, we aim to provide the best guidance possible in creating a quality environment for skateboarding. 

By interpreting things like classes and ranking systems and quantifying a skatepark’s footprint in areas like height, depth and range, we are ultimately defining the Olympic Skate Park as the pinnacle of design and quality. This process is being conducted by World Skate and is open to all the skateboarding stakeholders. A World Skate certification should be obtained by all organizations aiming to host World Skate competitions.