World Skate Athlete Commission Representative Nomination and Voting Reminder

Become a Representative and tell World Skate how we can improve every facet of our skateboarding programmes- from event formats to course design, judging, grassroots development and fast-tracking programmes all of which help support and develop skateboarding on a truly global level.

As a governing body, we want to do the best we can both by the skateboarders who make up our entrants and for skateboarding culture world-wide as a whole.

World Skate is canvassing for candidates to become Athlete Representatives from within our active skateboarding contest community. Volunteer to help shape how we as a skateboarding organisation can do our best by you, the competitors who we ultimately serve.

What Does The Athlete Commisssion Do?

These skateboarders will form an Athlete Commission which will put your direct input into the heart of all decision-making with regards to the representation and development of skateboarding up to and including the Olympic Games.

That Athlete Commission also appoints two of its own members to the Judging Commission, creating a direct conversational link between the skateboarders who enter and the skateboarders tasked with the critical responsibilities of ranking those performances. Furthermore, you will also be asked for suggestions and advice regarding course design and event management, the Youth Athlete Development programme, contest formats and all the other initiatives World Skate either currently have underway or launched subsequently.

How Is The Commission Made Up?

The Athlete Commission will be made up of 8 members, elected over 2 distinct ballots, one for street and one for park. 

For each discipline 2 male and 2 female athletes will be elected on a simple highest number of votes basis, maximum one per country per discipline to ensure fairness of national representation . These 2 groups (street and park) will form the Athlete Commission which will consist of 8 members, 4 per gender, 2 maximum per country.

How Do I Become An Athlete Representative?

In order to become an AC member athletes must become a candidate and then be voted to the position by fellow athletes. Candidates must fulfill a simple list of Criteria:

·Must be 18-Years-old or above

·Must have competed at least once in the previous 4 years in a World Skate World Championship (including the upcoming WCH held in Sharjah)

· Must not be involved in any Conflict-of-Interest situation (please see World Skate Code of Ethics) and/or sanctioned for doping, ethics or disciplinary violations

Where Should I Begin?

The following points illustrate what aspiring Athlete Commission members should do to initiate the process:

1.  Read the rules of the electoral process published by World Skate.

2.  Make sure their profile is in line with requirements detailed in the rules.

3. Fill in the form available here no later than the 15th of January 2023.

Once you’ve filled in the form, World Skate will quickly conduct a background check to guarantee the candidate's eligibility and will confirm their candidacy.

Voting amongst attendees will begin at the start of our upcoming double- header World Championship contest in Sharjah, UAE, next month.

29/01/23 - 05/02/23 : World Skateboarding Tour Sharjah (UAE) Street 2022 World Championships 

05/02/23 - 12/02/23 : World Skateboarding Tour Sharjah (UAE) Park 2022 World Championships