Skateboarding Athlete Commission Representatives Announced!

Written by Niall Neeson

You may recall how, over the past months, World Skate have canvassed for candidates to become Athlete Representatives from within our active skateboarding contest community.

As a governing body, we want to do the best we can, both by the skateboarders who enter our events, and for skateboarding culture globally.

Nominees from then until now were invited to be voted upon by every attendee at both World Championship events earlier this month and those two top-voted male and female in both Street and Park can now be announced.

These skateboarders will now form an Athlete Commission which has direct input into the heart of all decision-making with regards to the representation and development of skateboarding up to and including the Olympic Games.

This Athlete Commission will next choose two of its own members to the Judging Commission, creating a direct link between the skateboarders who enter and the skateboarders tasked with the critical responsibilities of ranking those performances- something which was both requested for and agreed at the Technical Meeting in Sharjah, which was attended by almost every governing body representative present in the UAE.

Your Athlete Commission Reps will also be asked for their (and by extension, your) input on everything from course design and event management to the Youth Athlete Development programme, contest formats and all the other initiatives World Skate either currently have underway or will launch in the future.

The following people are your Athlete Representatives from now- use them, and help us all improve where we can.

In the interests of transparency, please find the voting breakdown here.

* since there was no second female Park candidate nominated, a female member of the Park Athlete Commission will be appointed following the Elected AC members’ indication.

Athlete Commission Representatives- Street

Pamela Rosa (Brazil)


pamela rosa

Charlotte Hym (France)     



Ryan Decenzo (Canada)   


ryan decenzo

Tommy Fynn (Australia)      


2917 tommy fynn

Athlete Commission Representatives- Park

Amelia Brodka (Poland) 


amelia brodka

Danny Leon (Spain)            


jart skateboards danny leon pro spain

Edi Damestoy (France) 


edi damestoy