Silent Running: Momiji Nishiya Interview

Written by Niall Neeson

Momiji Nishiya captured the skateboarding world’s attention when- as a (then) 13-year old Osaka schoolgirl- she became the Olympic Women’s Street Gold medalist in Tokyo two years back. That is quite an achievement for that age, is it not? Now all of 15, Momiji has not only taken second place at our super Street Skateboarding Rome event in the eternal city last summer, but also landed herself the bronze medal in February’s World Championships in Sharjah, UAE. With a run of three podium placements in her last three World Skate events under her belt, we tracked down the Japanese pace-setter at home to talk strategy, street parts and small French cakes!

Momiji Portrait 2022WCH Sharjah DarwenLR

Hey, Momiji! How was your experience at the World Skateboarding Championships in Sharjah?

When I'm on a course for the first time, I always look at all the sections before I think about how the run should be structured. Especially this time, the composition of the run did not go well, so at first I did not get the score I expected.  However, before the semi-finals, I spent a considerable amount of time reconsidering the whole composition from scratch. As a result, I got a higher score- which gave me confidence.

Momiji Salad 2022WCH Sharjah DarwenLR

You seem to have progressed since Rome, have you been skating constantly?

Increasing my box of tricks; I always get inspired by street footage. Also, one of the reasons why I participate in overseas contests is to shoot for a video part after the contest. My street video part is still a secret- but I'm still thinking a lot about releasing it. I’m looking forward to it!

Where do you like to skate in Osaka?

Tiger Rack Skatepark- the box is long, so I can practice various tricks, and the surface is clean. It feels good.

Momiji BsSmith 2022WCH Sharjah DarwenLR

Are you excited for the Road To Paris?

I don't really think about it. First of all, I think the most important thing is to enjoy skateboarding on a daily basis. If, as a result, I could participate in the Paris Olympics, then I would be happy. I’ve never been to Paris, so I want to enjoy the city- I want to see the Eiffel Tower… and I want to eat macaroons, too!

Watch the WST Street World Championships in full here!