Join us live from Rome this weekend for World Street Skateboarding 2023!

Written by Niall Neeson

Let’s go out on a limb, here, and say that- as far as locations for skateboarding contests go, both in a meta sense and in terms of specific geography- both Rome, and the Colle Oppio park within it where our jam is going down, either win that category or share it with a very few others across the globe throughout the history of skateboarding culture.

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Two new developments from last year that we will touch on really quickly which add to the atmosphere is the introduction of tiered seating for a stadium feel, and the creation of an incredible awning-covered terrace beside the practice plaza complete with sofas, DJ and a bar overlooking the Colosseum in a scene that Instagram influencers would spill their goodie-bags to get a shot from, and all this is laid on for the skaters for free. Magical is a grand word but this feels like something approaching it.

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Tomorrow is when qualification begins, from which the top 27 of both male and female entrants will join the top 5 pre-seeded skaters in their division based upon current OWSR rankings. Friday will see those 32 quarter-finalists cut to 16 for Saturday’s semi-finals at which point the format moves from best 45-second run of 2 to best run plus 2 best tricks of 5.

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As a Road To Paris Olympic qualification event you can imagine the skaters are going all-in already, so be sure to follow us on Instagram for daily updates and join us at the weekend on both World Skate TV and the Olympic Channel’s Youtube to see another all-time skateboarding showdown from the eternal city of Rome!