Pan-American Games 2023- Street and Park Results!

Written by Niall Neeson

The Pan-American Games hosted Skateboard Park and Street events for the first time in the event’s history at the weekend, hosted at Santiago’s brand new Urban Sports Esplanade within the Chilean capital’s National Stadium Park complex.

Lucas RAbelo Julio Detefon

Ph: Julio Detofon

Despite overcast skies, both skate contests which are held as part of this huge (and we mean huge: 7,000 athletes from 41 countries enter 60 disciplines for the viewing eyeballs of 200 million souls from Argentina to Canada), 4-yearly inter-continental sporting extravaganza went off smoothly.

Taylor Nye Julio Detefon

Ph: Julio Detofon

33 skateboarders entered from 10 different countries entered what is for the Americas the biggest athletic event outside of the Olympic Games.

Rayssa Leal Bs smith 2 0I2A5258

Ph: Julio Detofon

Among the interesting results were a first victory at this level for USA’s Taylor Nye in Men’s Park, and same for 13-year-old Canadian Fay Ebert in Women’s. In Women’s Street, Brazil’s Rayssa Leal cruised to victory by a margin of 20 points and lone male seed Lucas Rabelo repeated his2021 Junior Pan-American Games victory in Cali, Colombia, by winning Men’s Street here in Santiago yesterday.

Fay Ebert Olga Aguilarjpg

Ph: Olga Aguilar

Although the Pan-American Games do not contribute to OWSR ranking points, they are run along the same competition rules and format as WS contests, and we are glad to support their event and congratulate Santiago on their new international-standard skatepark complex!

Full results below:

Men’s Park

Podio Park Masculino Julio Detefonjpg

  1. Taylor Nye (USA)
  2. Augusto Akio (BRA)
  3. Steven Pineiro (PUR)
  4. Martin Jaque (CHI)
  5. William Cortez (MEX)
  6. Omar Cocilova (ARG)
  7. Raphael Scheelje (PER)
  8. Gerald Hopkins (CAN)

Women’s Park

Podio Feminino Ebert Julio Detefon

  1. Fay Ebert (CAN)
  2. Raicca Ventura (BRA)
  3. Bryce Wettstein (USA)
  4. Brigitte Morales (PER)
  5. Arista Aguilar (MEX)
  6. Josefina Tapia Varas (CHI)
  7. Ailin Arzua (ARG)
  8. Nico Russi Ochiai (COL)

Men’s Street

 Podio Masculino Julio Detefonjpg

  1. Lucas Rabelo (BRA)
  2. Angelo Caro (PER)
  3. Jhancarlos Gonzalez (COL)
  4. Ryan Decenzo (CAN)
  5. Matias Dell Olio (ARG)
  6. Ronald Ramirez (CHI)
  7. Emanuel Santiago (PUR)
  8. Gabryel Aguilar (BRA)

Women’s Street


  1. Rayssa Leal (BRA)
  2. Pamela Rosa (BRA)
  3. Paige Heyn (USA)
  4. Jazmin Alvarez (COL)
  5. Julieta Gonzalez (URU)
  6. Valentina Petric (CHI)
  7. Aldana Bertran (ARG)
  8. Vianez Morales (PUR)