OQS Budapest: Women's Park and Men's Street Prelim Results!

Written by Niall Neeson

Welcome to our rolling updates from OQS Budapest as the Road To Paris comes to the crossroads.

The story of Women’s Park Prelims was the return of Sky Brown, who has been MIA on the Road To Paris since she won with some aplomb back in Argentina last year. Having hurt herself right before the World Championships in Ostia 9 months ago, and then again right before Shanghai last month, some had begun to wonder if she could make it back to top form in time to challenge for Paris.

Well, as the only woman to post 3 scores in excess of 80 today, I think we can say with some confidence that the answer is: yes.

coco crafter lip slide WST Street WCH OQS Budapest Bryce Kanights 11

Coco Crafter, lipslide. Ph: Kanights

Below the British contender came five Japanese, four Americans, three Brazilians including the mighty Yndi Asp back on top form, both unrelated Trew’s from Australia, and in eighth position the largely unknown but super impressive Finnish teenager Heili Sirvio, protege of Finnish coach and vertical bossman Jussi Korhonen.

Vincent Milou switch nosegrind horizontal WST Street WCH OQS Budapest kenji Hurata 9

Vincent Milou, switch nosegrind. Ph: Haruta

Next door on the street course Men’s Prelims brought its own grip of narrative strands: Yuto Horigome and Cordano Russell- who are both battling domestic quota struggles- each pulled out four Aces with the last cards they were dealt to keep their Paris dreams alive- at least for now- while bona fide superstars of the circuit Nyjah Huston and Gustavo Ribeiro are out of the contest.

womens park prelims

Drama upon drama already, and we haven’t even reached semi-finals yet. Tomorrow, it is Men’s Park and Women’s Street Prelims: keep your dial locked in to World Skate FM, is our advice!