DewTour Des Moines Wrap Up

We’re Back!!!

We’re officially back to Olympic Qualification after a year and a half. At times it was a wet and wild ride, but seeing everyone back in person, in one spot, was a long time coming. The skateboarding itself was on another level, people put in work in their down time and it showed on the brand new world class Lauridsen Park in downtown Des Moines. The week was packed with skateboarding that included both men’s and women’s park and street Olympic qualification events, adaptive skateboarding, and during the down time plenty of indoor flat ground.

So many people were locked in on this one and in Olympic mode. Check out the videos below to see all the highlights of what went down. Getting back to competition has been on everyone’s minds and with this being one of the last events before Tokyo, none of the skateboarding disappoints.

Find all the results and highlights you need below and be sure to check all the DewTour channels as well.


Women’s Park Final Results

1. Sakura Yosozumi (JPN) 61.71

2. Sky Brown (GBR) 58.50

3. Misugu Okamoto (JPN) 57.00 

4. Mami Tezuka (JPN) 51.37

5. Kokona Hiraki (JPN) 47.70 

6. Bryce Wettstein (USA) 42.52 

7. Kisa Nakamura (JPN) 42.07 

8. Jordyn Barratt (USA) 41.07

Men’s Park Final Results:

1. Zion Wright (USA) 91.04 

2. Oskar Rozenberg (SWE) 86.10 

3. Gavin Bottger (USA) 86.00 

4. Liam Pace (USA) 82.04 

5. Tate Carew (USA) 80.17 

6. Tom Schaar (USA) 79.98 

7. Jagger Eaton (USA) 79.66 

8. Cory Juneau (USA) 66.14

Women’s Street Final Results:

1. Pamela Rosa  

2. Rayassa Leal 

3. Roos Zwetsloot 

4. Leticia Bufoni 

5. Poe Pinson 

6. Keet Oldenbeuving 

7. Julia Brueckler 

8. Lore Bruggeman

Men’s Street Final Results:

1. Nyjah Huston

2. Yuto Horigome

3. Aurelien Giraud

4. Jamie Foy

5. Vincent Milou

6. Felipe Gustavo

7. Manny Santiago

8. Shane O’Neill

Women’s Adaptive Street Finals:

1. Tia Pearl

2. Tracie Garachopae

3. Katherine Beatie

4. Alyssa Montenegro

5. Lily Rice

6. Ilaria Naef

7. Kiana Clay

Final Men’s Adaptive Park Results:

1. Felipe Nunes

2. Justin Bishop

3. Vinicios Sardi