Understanding Skateboard Judging

“Understanding Skateboard Judging” is the first in a series of information-based webinars from World Skate intended to transfer the knowledge and experience necessary to foster the sport of skateboarding in the Olympic era, while preserving the essence of what we know and love about skateboarding. To view a simplified guide to "Understanding Skateboard Judging" Please follow this link. Start: (00:00) A Tool To Rank Athletes Fairly: (01:55) Official Governing Body for the Sport of Skateboarding: (05:28) Athlete Commission: (07:57) Brief Description Of Skateboard Judging: (09:40) Skateboarding Common Sense: (11:29) Minimum Requirements To Be A Judge: (12:25) Judging Criteria: (14:00) Overall Impression: (16:37) Judging Panel: (17:15) Entering Scores: (18:14) Computation of Scores: (20:19) Q & A: (22:14)

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