Women In Skateboarding Technical Course Update!

Written by Niall Neeson

With the end of 2023 hoving into view we felt that now was a good time to shine a little further light on the work of World Skate’s Women In Skateboarding Courses.

The initiative, launched by our Gender Equality Commission in 2021, travels the world running symposia and workshops teaching young female skaters how to organise and educate themselves with a view to not only advancing within the wide world of skateboarding and the new avenues thrown up therein by Olympic inclusion, but also how to use that skateboarding experience to move sideways into the wider world of sports development and coaching.


Veronica Trillo/ Ph: Leandro Terrile

The series has by now been hosted in Argentina, Uganda, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, Peru, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and most recently Chile- with assistance from the IOC, who have made facilities available for Natalia Sanchez and Veronica Trillo to host WISTC weeks alongside local organisers like South Africa’s Mel Williams.

The most recent WISTC seminar took place as part of the Pan-American Games in Santiago, where three members of our Youth Athlete Development project were also taking part- Colombia’s Jazmin Alvarez, Peru’s Brigitte Morales and Chile’s Martin Jaque.


WISTC Chile attendees/ Ph: Leandro Terrile

Both strands of our grassroots development programmes coming together at the same time is a demonstration of how World Skate are creating real change and opportunity within skateboarding in several ways at the same time.

At each of our intensive five-day sessons, invitees from within the skateboarding scenes of each country are trained in the rudiments of skateboard coaching, event management, first aid, sponsorship negotiation, safeguarding and personal development with translatable skills which  will help them both within skateboarding and beyond.

Remarking on the journey so far during the recent International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Chairwoman of World Skate’s Gender Equality Commission Natalia Sanchez observed: 

“These courses stand as embodiments of resilience and triumph. They symbolize the collective strength, determination, and unity of women globally, painting a vivid portrait of inspiration for the future of female athletes worldwide.”


WSGEC Chairwoman Natalia Sanchez/ Ph: Leandro Terrile

To which we at World Skate would only like to add our gratitude to Natalia, Veronica and all our participants in WISTC so far- and invite any individual, group or NGO who wishes to join our growing list of symposia being hosted in 2024 and beyond to get in touch with us via their National Governing Body and we can begin exploring the process of holding one where you are!